Installation “The journey of a life”… and me behind.

Hi, I’m Romina!

I’m an artist and architect from Santiago de Chile. Life has taken me to live and work in different cities: Santiago, Montpellier, Combarbalá, Southampton, Riba-roja d’ Ebre and now Utrecht. These experiences of moving through places trigger my questions about the subjective dimension of human dwelling: how we are connected with a territory, how it influences us, how we adapt when moving, and how art can be a language that helps us to comprehend the different aspects of being alive in this world. The act of walking is a transversal thread across my creative process that so far includes watercolours, subjective maps, installations and zines.

EXHIBITIONS (*solo show)

-My Room is a Strange Loop. UnBoxing. Arts Territory Exchange


-“Maps from the unknown city”.You are Here, Online exhibition. Katmapped.
-Sounds Library. Arts Territory Exchange and MUCK
-My Room is a Strange Loop. Residency by Correspondence. Arts Territory Exchange

-“Cordón Develado”.Make Your Mark: An Alternative Mapping Project. Solent Showcase Gallery. Southampton. UK
-Accessible Art Show. Solent University. Southampton.UK.
-”El transitar de una Vida” Permanent installation at Riba-roja Cemetery. Riu d’ Art. Riba Roja d’ Ebre. Cataluña. Spain
-*”Miniature Portswood”. Solo exhibition. Community Space. October Books. Southampton UK

-*“Conversations with Southampton”. Solo Exhibition. The Art House. Southampton. UK
– “Lugares intangibles”. Permanent sculpture. Riu d’ Art. Riba Roja d’ Ebre. Cataluña. Spain
-“Tiny portraits of a common life”. Mutrend Lab. Southampton. UK
-“Cordón Develado”. Finalist Exhibition VIA Arts Prize 2018. Brasil Embassy. London. UK
-“An Offering”, “A rite”, “A cycle”. Mapping Series. Christmas Exhibition. The Art House. Southampton. UK

-“Small Faces”. Solent Showcase Gallery. Southampton, UK
– “Subjective Mapping” exhibition.Brivezac, France
-“Inner Territories” Series. Bold for change for International Women’s Day Exhibition. The Art House. Southampton. UK
-“Inner Territories 2” Series. Open art collective exhibition. King John’s House. Romsey. Southampton. UK