Alopecia Areata, processes, procesos.

Basta volver a conectar con un elemento para recordar que nunca estuviste sola, nunca estuviste separada porque en ese tejido sutil que hacemos entre todes desde el corazón la existencia es solo una.

Is enough.

It is enough to connect with the texture of a leaf, or the sight of your beloved… or the cat passing by..

to remember that you were never alone. You were never unconnected nor unprotected.

Because that subtil weave all beings are knitting delicately from they harts,

well.. that is your home. And there, you are always one with the oneness.

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Protection of the creative space

I’m no longer searching for perfection.The search for perfection constrains the spontaneous doing.  It limits the doing. It is only in the act of doing where the space for experimenting our being can  be constituted. Any judgement only slows down, represses and damages the possibility of that delicate process of flourishing of the being manifests itself. Yes, it is delicate, as  the herb born in the middle of an open meadow. It is necessary to protect the creative moment in order to generate freedom. It is freedom, the frequency  that allows the being to manifest itself. The freedom is like the water in the lake where we can bathe in. The swimming, the movement, gives rise to creation and free creation is the manifestation of the being.