El transitar de una vida (The journey of a life)

Light and Shadow.
Life and Death.
The Shadow passing through, as life does, without even noticing it.
Sometimes they meet.
In fact, they meet at ten, at one, at four and at seven o’clock in summer.
The river is calling. The mysteries of Life and Death are answered in the deepness of the ocean, they say. So, they go for a walk.

This installation on the facade of Riba-roja d’ Ebre Cemetery refers to the association, traditionally made by Hispanic poetry, between the concept of “Shade” with “death” and “ human life”. The absence of light that blurs the shapes of the objects, makes difficult to orientate in the space and to define what is observed. The unknown, then, is symbolised by shadows, and so the death is. This is complemented with the idea of “insubstantial passing of human existence, that is compared with a passing shade”(1).
Within the material dimension, this installation works as a witness of the shadows projected on the cemetery facade at four different times, 10 am, 1pm, 4 pm and 7 pm, at which the shadows are marked by a purple, a blue, a red, and a yellow thread, respectively. Each colour of thread ends its trajectory at a QR code linked to a “Shade Map” that describes a walking path under the shade at each time indicated by the colour of the tread. These walks start at the Cemetery -the place of The Shade- and end at the village viewpoints towards the river -the places of light-, therefore these are symbolic routes from death to life which end with the contemplation of the river, which is a symbol of life itself.
The elements utilised in this work can be considered themselves as metaphors: the thread responding to the continuity and interconnection of life; the shadow, as an untouchable and fleeting mark of that time life; the act of walking under the shade, as an analogy of the life that passes across the uncertainty; and finally, the water as a vehicle of life.
This project was created in the context of Riu d’ Art Residency 2019, Catalonia, Spain.

(1)Álvarez, María. La sombra como muerte: historia de una forma de contenido. Alicante : Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, 2007

Details Installation on the Ribaroja d’Ebre Cemetery facade 50 x 5 meters (variable
Materials uv resistant threads, hooks, qr codes and virtual maps (OSM)
Circa June 2019
Shows Riu d’art Festival

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