Sewing Routes

Sewing Routes is a Subjective Mapping experimentation, which is the result of some of my walks around Southampton, as part of my “get to use process” to this city. These artworks are interpretations of what influenced my experience of navigating different places in Southampton, UK in a particular time: colours that belong to these places or are evoked by them, landmarks, people, situations and micro-stories that I could have heard, read or created about them.

I have done two series of five 23 x 23 cm watercolour and ink illustrations: “Around Highfield” and “Around St. Denys”, two of the neighborhoods that I have lived in this town. I also include a folded paper which is my travel journey. There I put down my general thoughts, impressions, even objects that I collect along each walk.

Details Series of five watercolour illustration 23 x23 cm
Materials Watercolour on 300 gr cotton paper
Circa January 2018
Shows Solo exhibition “Conversations with Southampton”. The Art House

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